Thursday, November 22, 2012


           for Rick

Think of my gratitude the granite
In the rock - the sparkle, the streak
Made visible by the clear cut
We speed past. For most, missed,
But you notice not only the bright
Patterns it makes but also guess
The deeper dimensions, how it bends
And curves among the layers beneath
The surface, evidence of long past
Pressures that civilizing force
Brings to light. Most or much
Is still invisibly beneath the paths we walk,
The fields and forests we speed past,
Incorporated into the geology
And the ecology of our every day

by Jaye Freyer

Many thanks this Thanksgiving for the warm and loving support of so many friends through the difficult loss and challenges of my recent months.  Though I wrote this for Rick, it reflects how deeply I have appreciated the many kinds of help, support and good wishes from you.  Thanks ~  Jaye