Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beat it Back with Beauty

by Jaye Freyer

Beat it back with Beauty
Be an architect of something brighter
In the choice between being the singer
Of the song and the song ~ be the singer
Lift the fragile greens from the water
Let the beetle rest a moment on your finger 
With each breath you take give life a chance
Be a bridge, a harbinger

First Spring Flowers in Garth Woods yesterday March 5th
Margaret asks for a poem to brighten a rainy day.  Not sure this will do it but I wrote it on a rainy day when I was also reacting to the intense negativity that was saturating the day to day world.  In a moment of equally intense naivete I thought if we could each just turn the negative to a positive, instead of throwing stones use them to build bridges or shelters, lend our shoulder to a solution - a year later these eight lines still echo with a bit of brightness for me, so perhaps they will for you too.


Phyllis said...

Beautiful poem, beautiful intent. I watch the rain fall steadily and this ideed brightens a very wet, foggy day. The snow drops are a true promise of Spring. Thanks.

Amy Chin said...

Your poem does indeed lighten my mood and gives me another way to think of the moment we are in. I can lament and feel bad or I can rejoice in all of mother nature's goodness and abundance. The rain beats back the snow and alerts the spring flowers that it is time.

Anonymous said...

I like this one a lot!