Thursday, January 27, 2011

Roger and Angelica

Odilon Redon's Roger and Angelica 

by Jaye Shore-Freyer

Who was Roger and who was Angelica?
And how was it Odilon Redon
Came across them in his 70th Year?
Here are flowers visible at night
Within the phosphorescent light,
The passion of his aging sight,
The horse with wings that Roger rides
Though waves of flames and plumes engulf
Is larger than the light he and the horse must cross
To find his sweet Angelica beneath
The purple precipice.
Her pale flesh glows in the night.
And what has brought Angelica to dance
Beneath this starry sight?
What of the spear that Roger bears -
Is it borne in fear or something else?
Here Odilon has turned the darkness and the light
Into something else - something
wild ~ both captured and released.

This is one of several poems I've written of a painting.  This wonderful work hangs in the Museum of Modern Art.  It was included in the Armory Show of 1913.  We are a month shy of the 98th anniversary.    Click this link to visit a virtual recreation of the Armory Show, an installation created by Shelly Staples for the American Studies program at the University of Virginia.  

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jf said...

lovely poem, i like your questioning. awesome painting.