Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Railway at Murnau

Wassily Kandinsky's Railway at Murnau

by Jaye Shore-Freyer

Before you we’re at once reminded of our breath,
Asked to be still and let our eyes
Explore the movement of the brush,
Let you work your task with us,
Lay the busy thoughts aside, 
linger at an easy rest,
Eyes, hips, hands, breast ~ 
be still and present

Wonder comes when blood and breath
Mix within the breast to flow
Into the roots of an unwritten thought
Wrought like yours upon another continent
For eyes like ours to draw their drink.
Like the earth beneath a shallow slow canal
Let the vision seep until we’re drenched
With the colors of the paint
And rest beneath this wide reflection
Rich and silently aware
Of all the life that happens here.

I saw this painting at the Guggenheim during the first Kandinsky retrospective and couldn't walk away from it.   Something mysterious happens when you connect with a painting, it somehow skips the intellectual  part of the process and goes right to the heart.  I fumbled around here trying to describe it and fell back on an environmental image I found in the beautiful Princeton area canals that spoke of peace and saturation.    

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Anonymous said...

I really like the way this blog is set up. I hope there will be more Jaye Shore-Freyer poems posted! The Polish lady is good but I'm keen on seeing more work from Jaye Shore-Freyer.