Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Picnic with M'Emile

by Jaye Shore-Freyer

Your stout staid stance breaks
Into a comic elastic dance
For the kids shouting M’Emile! M’Emile!

With a dash & a growl & a spring you stand
Rumbling God of the Stream, rising
With fire & root & wind bound in
To a glorious ravenous shout to scare
The kids into volcanous laughs & screams

Then you leap to the rock-stuttered bank
& climb aground like a normal man. You stride
Here, stride there, and stare at the kids, concerned
Adult at their frantic fits. Then you flip them a private
Wink & walk with a wide warm laugh to us.

Portrait of a wonderful fellow who I met at the Auberge des Quatre Saisons in the Catskills.  He loved to tease my friends' children and his spirit delightful.

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