Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Blue Japanese Lantern Fades

Blue Japanese Lantern  
by Jaye Shore-Freyer

The broken blue Japanese lantern fades.
(Keep yourself out of it!)
(Keep yourself out!!!) 
There are books on the shelves
& the cigarette burns
& the broken blue Japanese lantern
Fades & the cigarette burns & the smoke fills the room
(There’s no air in here) (There’s no air!)
((There’s no air in here)) (((There’s no air)))
The smoke rises & curls
Then is blown by the furls
From the lungs then
The long ash falls down on the carpet.
A car scurries under a street light
& Stops.
The electric light
On a long brass pole
With a parchment shade
Sheds the potted geranium with light.
The green plaid Mayan spread
On the couch embraces the sight.
Along the cream-colored wall, through the door
Bittersweet hangs like a Chinese noise
But this side of the room is dark
& The broken blue Japanese lantern fades.
The blue Japanese lantern fades.       


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Margaret said...

Oh ... memories of another place in our lives. Thanks!