Thursday, January 27, 2011

Atlantic Avenue Treasure

by Jaye Shore-Freyer

There were buttons on the basin carved
With griffins’ golden wings spread high
Woven round with thorn bush bleeding
Black against the night.
Your pale hands rubbed up the gleam.
We picked our way across the basement rooms
Of the antique shops on Atlantic Avenue
Dark and messy, dust-filtered lights
Endless boxes tumbling from the crumbling
Shipwrecked shelves at the bottom of this ocean.
So little there’d been dated, marked or cared about,
And those tins of buttons were as cheap as beach glass.
But for you and I these tins and boxes stashed in the backwash
Of the merchant’s habitats were treasure chests and have borne
For us the steadfast finds ~ true pearls, single china cups,
Hand-carved and stamped trinkets, and burnished frames
Coins from countries long forgotten, bits of wonder
tumbled from their source, fantastic flotsam
For the museum that was our Brooklyn home

This was written when Atlantic Avenue was lined with run-down Antique stores.  Probably isn't like that any longer.  My friend and I would spend occasional Saturday's poking around looking for treasure.  I still have some of the treasures we found.  

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Rachel said...

This one's my favorite so far!