Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In Dreams, the Summer...

by Jaye Shore~Freyer

Willing I’d be for the careful walk,
for the long blind steps through an untamed night;
willing I’d be for my bare flesh scratched
by the blind brown thorns on their airy branch
or the slithering touch of a tendrilled vine
unfurling cross a narrow, sometimes densely declined path.
Willing I’d be in the moonlight’s weave
through the deep pine stands and the slivers etched
by the silvery birch on the ink dark black
to familiar myself with the stumble and clutch
of your steadying hand through the uncertain steps
and the sound of the hush of our own deep breaths,
the rustle and whoo of the horned owl’s hunt
and the quiet picking of a doe’s cleft feet
would be all that we would hear on the soft
soil path on the way to the lake past midnight.

The miracle of a midnight’s wake
at the edge of a dark expansive space
Is the form that my desire takes:
to swim in this lake with you tonight,
Floated and freed by the clear warm waves
in the wake of a bold Buck Moon
In a quiet ancient space, quivering
on the rim of the lake with our toes wet
and the giddy lust of adolescence rushing through our veins
like spring rain dashing down smooth rocks.

From the peak of our breath before the dive,
the thrill of the cooling waves and the revelling find
of your firm warm flesh to the thought of the smooth
and weightless dance, the slow sure turns
the grasp of the hands, the thrill of the thighs
the brim-breathed kiss illuminated by
this ancient light that reins from these cathedral heights,
raining a simple shimmering.


Don said...

nice, reminds me of a midnight walk with Linda up the path from the top of the waterfalls to the pond at Rennselaerville... Some of the plants along that path had phosphorescent traces...

East West Poetry said...

There is something unnerving about walking into the darkness - the woods, a relationship, any unknown. This poem was about that - based on an experience I had in college -

Nancy said...

This one begins so tentatively and ends exhilaratingly. It made my heart calm and then race. Cool. Thanks.

Amy said...

Ahhhh...breathtakingly sweet. I had to read it twice.

don said...

I think this is interesting. It calls out to consider the depth of - and differences between - sensory acuity as it relates to partners.

ruth said...

Sensual and a delicious read..... I'd love to read it aloud sometime and bring all those crisp consonants to life. >R