Sunday, October 17, 2010

In Innocence

by Jaye Shore-Freyer

How Adam must have felt when he first spied Eve
Down among the rushes testing first the earth
For its strength, dipping then into the edge
Of the water’s quiet seam, marveling at the warm
And rhythmic pond.  Raising one damp finger to her lips,
He watched her sip, sensed the quivering excitement
Of her first live breath, felt the ranging varied charm
Of this green glance.

Her first thoughts stretched gracefully forth
While the long stem of her limber neck swayed
In survey of the mystic mindless rush
of glimmering lights and colors rippling past
the breast of the loon’s slow swim and metered song,
weaving each breath into its own
With a skilled deft voice
like skeins of yarn upon a warp of light. 
She watched a heron beat across the hills
On waves of flight. 

He watched her long before she heard
the sound of his step erupt, ellipt, then hush;
before she found his form flung
In gentle fluid fractures down upon
the canvas of the loon’s lake home
In innocent bewilderment. 

The wind wound its way through the boughs
Of that primeval forest while Eve knelt transfixed
and Adam watched her marvel at the mesh of sound and light.
Her fingers touched lightly in awe.
She bowed her head at the songline’s end
Only to find her slim, slight hands rippling
Round a reed’s long spear.  Her breath stopped.
He stepped.  She watched her hands part and reach
To touch the shimmering reflection of her flowing face.

She must have seen him join her on the surface of the pond,
Watch his hand reach down and rest upon the bare shoulder
Of her unfamiliar frame while she combed the bright
And restless sketch.  For an aging moment strung
Of many lengths of breath an isthmus
Of awareness formed.  She watched
The lips her fingers touched,
The hand that rested on her flesh,
And wondered in that brief
Parenthesis of time
If she was two or one...

Here I wondered what it would be like for Eve to wake up in Eden - with no prior knowledge.  And what Adam must have thought when he saw her - not too far away from the same experience of being awake for the first time.  My Eden when I wrote the poem was the Adirondacks. 


Laura said...

So interesting to think of seeing the other, so like ourselves, and yet so different, for the first time. Really nice work.

Rachel said...

Beautiful! I imagine I'll be thinking about this one for a while...